New Sunday Tarot Talk Podcast on The Star, Key 17

In Ep. 211 in our Major Arcana Series on THE SUNDAY TAROT TALK we cover Key 17 The Star. We explore some of the important symbolism and meanings of the Star card and dive into REVELATION and MEDITATION, two of the most important ideas connected to this card. We explore how to use MEDITATION to FIND SOLUTIONS TO YOUR PROBLEMS and to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. We talk about New Year's goals and resolutions and how the STAR card can help us ACCOMPLISH OUR AIMS. This and much more are featured in this episode! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW!

The Sunday Tarot Talk is an exploration of all things Tarot! Currently we are doing a series on the Major Arcana, exploring one card from the 22 Majors each week. Psychological meanings, symbols, and using TAROT FOR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION and more are covered.

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